Monday, March 30, 2009

Mike Daisey set to open the 6th annual soloNOVA Arts Festival

terraNOVA Collective is proud to announce it will honor Mike Daisey (How Theater Failed America, If You See Something, Say Something) as this year's soloNOVA Artist of the Year at the 2009 soloNOVA Arts Festival, running May 6-31 at the DR2 Theatre and D-Lounge at the Daryl Roth Theatres off Union Square. Mr. Daisey will open the festival with a fiery keynote address, Why Solo Performance Matters: A Manifesto on May 6, 2009 at 8pm in the DR2 Theatre.

"We couldn't be happier that Mike is a part of this year's festival." terraNOVA artistic director Jennifer Conley Darling said. "He breaks out of conventional expectations of the art form and explores new and important issues to not only theatre but the world. It's what great artists do."

Mike Daisey had this to say about being part of this years soloNOVA, "Monologuists, performance artists, and solo performers of all kinds are hungry for the kind of opportunities a festival like soloNOVA creates, and I'm delighted to have been asked to talk about the unique value and position the solo form occupies in the theater as a vital force for illumination and change."

The festival settles into its new home this year at the DR2 Theatre and the D-Lounge, presenting ten main stage solo performers, two solo fine art shows, and three late night evenings at 10pm on Thursdays called the Ones at Ten, featuring shorter form lone singer/songwriters, spoken word artists and comedians.

"A few years back, we toured the Daryl Roth Theatres and saw the potential for bringing all aspects of the festival together under one canopy," James Carter, soloNOVA's lead curator, said of the festival's new residency. "The main stage performers show in the DR2 Theatre, late night performers in the D-Lounge, and visual artists show in the lobbies of both spaces. It's the next evolution of the festival."

For more information on soloNOVA 2009, go to

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bull's Fool For Love

This is the last weekend to catch The Bull's pulp revival of Sam Shepard's Fool For Love! You're a fool if you miss it!

“This pulp revival fires on all cylinders...Director Katherine Krause infuses a clearly comic tone into the piece…She gives us a whip-smart version of the classic, having the actors deliver their lines as if swallowing razor blades.” –Deirdre Donovan,

“The Bull’s pulp revival of Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love is at once brutal, hilarious and irresistibly sexy...Shaffer and Bender’s chemistry is palpable...Brilliantly directed by Katherine Krause, whose careful hand gives the erotic fight scenes (choreographed by Dan Zisson) their weight and purpose.” –Laura Oseland, Show Business Weekly

“Kevin Shaffer as Eddie displays a great deal of power and frustration…while Katie Bender as May gives off the air of someone truly broken.” –Mitchell Conway,

“Martin (Jonathan Wilde) is the picture of adorable naivete in a messed-up, scary world, an outsider in his unassuming plaid button-down shirt, jacket and baseball cap.” –Jessica Kramer, Washington Square News

“One of the things that provided some interesting depth to this production was the creative lighting design by Christina Watanabe. She ingeniously took risks with surreal lighting choices...A thorough costume design by Tod Michaels, right down to the sweat stain running down the middle of Eddie’s back.” –Le-Anne Garland, Theatre is Easy

"The entire cast is fantastic, and under Katherine Krause’s direction Kevin Shaffer, Katie Bender, and Bill Weeden manage to be explosive without being melodramatic." –Karen Tortora-Lee, NeighborBee Blog

Listen to Broadway Bullets interview with director Katherine Krause here.

Tickets ($25) are still available for Friday & Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm at the renowned Living Theater on Clinton Street. Get your tickets here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Everybody's talking about FRIGID!

Only five days left for the 2009 New York FRIGID Festival! Shows are selling out fast so get your tickets now at

"With a group so friendly to the artists themselves, be prepared for some dynamic performances at this year's Frigid Fest."
-Heidi Patalano, Metro

The Frigid Fest is as cool as ever in its third year
"Never mind the rest of the festivals (the Fringe, the New York Musical Theatre, the Midtown Theatre) because the Frigid Fest has them all beat..." -Mark Peikert, New York Press

"Can’t wait until the summer brings its usual raft of theater festivals? Then wait no longer, friends, because tonight marks the start of the East Village’s third annual FRIGID New York, a highly eclectic and very affordable hodgepodge of shows by emerging companies."
-Adam Feldman, Time Out NY

The best place to Chill is at this fest
"Yes, We're ready for the warm weather to come-- but we'll put up with the cold a little longer as long as it comes in the form of the FRIGID festival..." -Angela Ashman, The Village Voice

Warming up for the Frigid Festival
For the third winter, Downtown theaters offer a roster of fresh drama
-Steve Snyder, Downtown Express

"The powerful East Village theater triad comprised of The Kraine, The Red Room, and Under St. Marks is currently playing host to the annual Frigid Festival of new work.
-John Del Signore, Gothamist

"2009 is already turning into a sorry year for Broadway. But don’t let it get you down! Go catch one or two or five of these great shows at any or all of these cozy theatres."
-Karen Tortora-Lee, NeighborBee Blog

"Known for its uncensored take on independent theatre, the festival is a great slice of New York culture." -Michelle Barnwell, GO Magazine