Thursday, January 29, 2009

Theatre Buzz: Playwright Eric Sanders Explains It All

"Eric Sanders is many things: a prolific playwright, a producer, and a lover of the horror genre. With his upcoming play, The Wendigo, he takes the old tale written by Algernon Blackwood and brings it to the stage. I sat down to talk with him about his career, his upcoming play, and his thoughts on theatre." [Read more of the interview on NeighborBee Blog]

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poe and Blackwood terrors on the New York Stage

Fangoria Magazine speaks with Dan Bianchi of Radiotheatre about their year long celebration of Edgar Allan Poe, Sundays With Poe at UNDER St. Marks. Samual Zimmerman also talks with Eric Sanders and Matt Hancock about their upcoming supernatural horror play, The Wendigo based on the classic story by Algernon Blackwood.

"Fango got word on a couple of frightful theatrical experiences on the New York stage this winter. The dark visions of two classically chilling authors, Edgar Allan Poe and Algernon Blackwood, are being brought to life in separate New York productions. [Read More]"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Coming...

Lost in the wilderness, four hunters venture deep into a world they were never meant to see…

One of Blackwood's best stories is the magnificent THE WENDIGO, written in 1908. On the surface, this is a classic story of man versus nature but on a spiritual level the story forces us to question our position and purpose in the universe, to wonder if perhaps there are some places, as the narrator says, that “no human foot was meant to trod.”

In this adaptation of THE WENDIGO, playwright Eric Sanders (Dread Awakening, f**kplays) has tried to preserve the almost unbearably tense atmosphere of Blackwood's story while injecting moments of stark and visceral terror. Sanders, along with director Matthew Hancock plan to create a world that envelops the audience so deeply that they almost feel the snow on their shoulders. Just as important as the surroundings, the show focuses on the five men trapped within this nightmare; for this is a moving story about people, shattered beyond belief by what they have experienced, trying to put their lives back together and move on.

Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) was one of the most influential and mysterious writers of the twentieth century. His works have had a profound impact on everyone from Stephen King to comic books to M. Night Shyamalan and The Blair Witch Project, but his name has been lost to the annals of history. Blackwood's prime interests were human psychology, the mystical and the supernatural. He explored in profound detail the effects that both real and 'perceived' extraordinary events have on the frail human psyche. A deeply spiritual man who rejected the simplicity of Christianity at an early age, Blackwood sought to evoke "spiritual terror" through his stories, to strike at the very core of what makes us human: how we define our universe and our place within it. He sought to terrify, but even more expressly, he sought to astound. The sensation of awe factors heavily throughout his life's work; he viewed the world through a lens of astonishing innocence and objectivity, often personifying places and supernatural phenomena just as vividly as his human characters. According to fellow horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, Blackwood reigns supreme as "the one absolute and unquestioned master of weird atmosphere."

The production, produced by The Vagabond Theatre Ensemble, will play 16 performances at the Medicine Show Theatre at the Ensemble Studio Theater Building (549 West 52nd Street, 3rd Floor) February 5-28, Thursday-Saturday at 8pm and Sunday matinees February 8 & 22 at 3pm with special performances Monday, February 9 & Wednesday, February 25 at 8pm. Tickets ($10) are available online at or by calling 212-868-4444.

Listen to Broadway Bullet's interview with playwright Eric Sanders and producer Sarah Ann Masse here.

Hollow Log, A Comedic Thriller

"Filled with oddball fun." -Mark Peikert, Backstage

"Dial's writing is sharp as a tack." -JB Spins

"Dial's script keeps the audience guessing." -Duncan Pflaster, Broadway World

"Boyle and Roberts have terrific chemistry together... Boyle ... has the goofy masculine energy of a Judd Apatow hero." -Mark Peikert, Backstage

"Dial's play perfectly captures the trendy East Village milieu." -JB Spins

Read Tom Murrin's interview with playwright Lawrence Dial on

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rave reviews for Ecstasy

By Mike Leigh
Directed by Sara Laudonia

Produced by Black Door Theatre Company and Horse Trade Theater Group
Running now through January 25 at The Red Room (85 E. 4th Street)
Tickets ($18) are available at SmartTix Critic's Pick!
"…it’s an engaging play, here staged with energetic, sharp performances, directed crisply by Sara Laudonia."

RetroVision Media says:
"Lower eastside Black Box theatre aficionados are in for a treat of gritty realism..."
"This is a rare must see recommendation!"

Theatre Is Easy says: "BOTTOM LINE: If you like British entertainment and gritty, character-driven pieces, you will greatly enjoy this show."

flavorpill says: "The cast brings the characters to life compellingly, taking a very specific time and place and making it universal. The result is a quietly devastating portrait of a generation quickly losing hope."

offoffonline say:
"Laudonia’s production achieves an incredibly intimate effect.

Not to mention reviews from:
NYC Onstage
New Theater Corp
neighborhoodbee Theatre Buzz

Die Roten Punkte

Was a sock rockin' show and I hope they come back to NYC real soon! Read their interview with Heidi Patalano in Metro to get a taste of all the awesomeness you missed out on!